Yuri Baranov

We will help you get a Start-up Visa and Open a Business in Canada in 6 Months

Yuri Baranov, CEO

You are here because you are asking yourself: “How to live further?” And “How to live better?”. These same questions arose before us more than 20 years ago when we received a visa to Canada as a family.

In those years, there were few business immigration consultants. Without any immigration assistance, we had to move in an information vacuum. Any mistake or inaccuracy in the paperwork could be crucial for the future of our children. To obtain permanent residence in Canada without information and experience, it was necessary to act accurately and correctly.

Now our children are studying at prestigious universities in Toronto and London, they live a busy life and speak English fluently. They have the opportunity to open a business in Canada or any other country, and do not think at all that everything could have turned out in a different way.

At the beginning of our journey, like many other immigrants, we needed help with immigration as air to breathe. Now we help business immigrants with the Start-Up Visa Program. We are pleased to share our valuable experience with ambitious entrepreneurs. Using personal experience of immigration to Canada and many years of practice in immigration consulting, we will help you open a business in Canada, a country in which your potential will be maximized.

Our team is a group of like-minded people who themselves have gone the way of business immigration and now want to help others professionally. There are more than 50 experts in various fields of business and science in the C.I.S. Group of Companies. Having vast practical experience, our consultants have become authors of books, articles and methodologies, and 12 team members have academic degrees and titles.

How to Obtain Canadian Citizenship

Want to get a business visa under the Start-Up Visa Program? We evaluate your situation, your chances and help you find the best way for successful immigration to Canada for permanent residence. We offer to go this way on your own or simplify your life and seek the assistance of our specialist and professional lawyer (or immigration attorney). We share our best practices, suggesting all the pitfalls and subtleties of investment immigration and business immigration. If you are determined to change your life for the better, apply for a start-up visa! Let’s open an innovative business in Canada together!

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