France is a full member of the G7, which has significant weight in international politics and economics. Today it is also a country of unlimited opportunities that are provided to active and advanced technical professionals. It was for such specialists that France opened a start-up visa program, providing a residence permit for up to 5 years with the possibility of renewal.

France has a high investment attractiveness on the world stage. European countries have invested about 60% of existing investments in France, which indicates a rating of trust in the state. Over the past few years, the number of foreign start-ups in the country has increased significantly, which has provided jobs for the local economy. For start-ups in France, there are two programs at once: French Tech Visa and French Tech Ticket.

A start-up visa to France is an opportunity for foreigners to implement their project or become part of something important in an advanced country in the world. For this, a citizen of a country that is not a member of the EU can create his own start-up and go through investment immigration. Or become an employee in an existing business and also immigrate to France with a long or short start-up visa.


This type of start-up visa provides a long-term permission to stay and residence permit in France. Moreover, this is an opportunity to obtain a visa according to a simplified procedure and in a short time, not only for a start-up founder, but also for members of his family. Founders of companies submit applications for business investment in France, and incubators and accelerators select those innovative ideas that they want to support.

After providing investment support, incubators send start-upers confirmation letters agreed with the French public organization. Only then innovators can apply for a long-term visa and residence permit in France. Thus, innovative ideas and foreign investment replenish the economy and develop the start-up ecosystem of France.

What is needed to get a start-up visa and a long-term residence permit in France?
  • The founder of the start-up needs to confirm the capital in the form of a minimum annual salary (17,981 euros)
  • Potential employees must receive an invitation from the employer and sign a contract with him
  • Employees need to have a higher education (minimum master’s degree)
  • Pay for participation in the program (minimum 368 euros, of which 99 euros for the visa itself, 250 for immigration tax and 19 for stamp duty)
French tech ticket

This is a program to provide an annual start-up visa to a foreign investor who wants to open a business in France. For such entrepreneurs, financial and administrative support is provided in the implementation of their projects. To become an applicant, it is enough for a start-up founder to submit an interesting and innovative idea. A team may have 2 or 3 founders.

Mandatory conditions for obtaining a start-up visa in France for a year:
  • Adult co-founders (from 18 years old);
  • Only one of the partners can be a French citizen;
  • Full knowledge of English;
  • Lack of other business activities;
  • Choose 3 priority incubators to apply.

Not only do the families of participants receive residence permits in France according to the accelerated procedure, start-up founders are also allocated 45 thousand euros for the implementation of their start-up project. For the whole year, start-up companies receive assistance in finding investors, expert advice and other support from business incubators in France. At the end of the start-up visa, entrepreneurs can extend the document for up to 5 years, and then apply for permanent residence and French citizenship by naturalization.

Both start-up programs are a unique opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Europe without the mandatory registration of a company and the acquisition of real estate. They give a chance for comfortable living in a European country with one of the most developed world economies. You can not only implement your start-up ideas, but also immigrate to France with your family, having obtained citizenship.

Like Canada, a French start-up visa provides an opportunity to obtain a residence permit by a simplified procedure, as well as to become a citizen of an economically developed country. In Canada, you can also open your start-up, while securing the financial support of venture capital funds. At the same time, under one Canadian start-up visa, up to 5 co-owners with families can be issued.

If you have innovative ideas and you want to comfortably realize your own opportunities in a country with an advanced economy, a start-up visa to France is for you! Take a real chance to change your life and the life of your family.