Start-up Programs Around the World | 19.12.2019

Greece is a country of unrealized opportunities. It can be considered an undeveloped niche for investment immigrants. The start-up ecosystem has just begun to gain momentum. Today, the investment in Greece and innovative start-ups remain the engine of the Greek economy.

However, Greece has always been a popular country among tourists and businessmen. Openness to international cooperation and ease of integration of business into the country make it an attractive area for investment. Enterprise Greece reports that foreign direct investment in Greece has grown by 30% and continues to increase annually.

Also for businessmen there is an opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Greece with the help of a “golden visa”, which is issued as an investment. That means a businessman can use it when buying an existing company, making a deposit in a bank for a certain amount or in the case of real estate acquisition. Choosing one of the options, you need to consider that you have to invest your own large amount of money.

For progressive entrepreneurs, a start-up visa to Greece is a new opportunity to realize their innovative ideas in a European country. To establish his start-up in Greece, the innovator will need only 13 days for all the paperwork. The advantage of this visa is that a foreigner, the founder of a start-up can be provided with both counseling and financial assistance at the initial stage.

Thanks to the Greek Small and Medium Business Assistance Fund and the European Investment Fund, foreign start-up founders can take advantage of support for their project. There are also Greek business incubators that support start-ups at all stages of development.

At the same time, the direction of the start-up’s activity is not so important. The main thing is to prove the usefulness and success of your business plan. Over the past year alone, in Athens, the number of venture capital funds willing to invest in start-ups has grown significantly. Among them there are companies that are engaged in marketing, healthcare, online trading and even cloud computing. It is only necessary to show novelty and progress.

What you need to open a start-up company in Greece:

With investment immigration to Greece, after founding a start-up and making a contribution to the development of the country’s economy, a businessman receives a residence permit for two years with the possibility of renewal and extension to 10 years. This makes it possible to obtain the status of permanent resident and permanent residence in Greece. If the start-up founder and his family have been living in Greece continuously for 7 years, they have the right to apply for Greek citizenship.

An essential requirement for the extension of residence permit in Greece is confirmation of the financial success of the created start-up. It is also important to have the lack of a criminal record and the availability of sufficient funds for a comfortable stay of the entrepreneur and his family in Greece.

Thus, Greece is entering a qualitatively new level of investment immigration. The country is developing its own economy, developing innovations and attracting start-ups from other countries,

As in Canada, when applying for a start-up visa in Greece, the applicant receives permanent residence, and then the country’s citizenship. However, when applying for a start-up visa in Canada, there is no need to invest personal capital. It is enough to attract state or investor co-financing for your Canadian start-up. At the same time, up to 5 co-owners with families can be issued under a single start-up visa.

If you have interesting ideas and a desire to live in one of the advanced European countries, start a start-up company in Greece on favorable and simple terms.

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