Hungary is a rapidly developing country of great opportunities. Here is a whole field for the implementation of innovative business opportunities. Hungary has a very attractive investment climate, as it is a European country with a high standard of living and at the same time reasonable prices. Every year, Hungary is becoming more popular for investment immigration.

In particular, the culture of start-ups in Hungary is developing quickly. Over the past year alone, about 168 start-ups have been counted in Budapest. It is not surprising, as the system of accelerators and coworking are actively developing here. Investors see the potential in the development of new start-ups in Hungary and their integration into the European market.

Also in Budapest there is now an active development of coworking. European venture capital funds are ready to invest in local projects. Creative thinking foreign start-up founders with breakthrough ideas take advantage of this. The investor provides start-up capital which the entrepreneur presents and gives an impetus for the implementation of a start-up.

Thus, for all innovative-minded entrepreneurs, Hungary is a great option to open a business in the EU. Business investments lead to investment immigration in Hungary, where it is enough to simply obtain a residence permit.

What are the options for business immigration to Hungary? For example, there is a Hungarian entrepreneur residency program, thanks to which investors who are not EU citizens can open their start-up in Hungary and bring it to the European level. The process of registering commercial enterprises in Hungary is simpler and faster than in other countries. Moreover, the amount of minimum investment in a start-up is small.

What is needed to participate in the business immigration program in Hungary?
  • A foreign investor in Hungary should open a commercial enterprise. In this case, the personal presence of a start-up founder in Hungary is necessary.
  • The entrepreneur must confirm the availability of the required minimum investment amount – 10,500 euros.
  • The owner must register a start-up. It takes only 1-2 business days.
  • A businessman provides a detailed business plan to confirm the need for a visa.
  • An application is submitted confirming the importance of the presence of a startup founder in Hungary for the successful development of the project.


An entrepreneur’s visa in Hungary provides a residence permit not only to a start-up founder, but also to his entire family.

Entrepreneurs can also open a branch of their company in Hungary, taking into account all of the requirements mentioned above. Business immigration to Hungary is one of the most popular and easily implemented destinations. With the timely payment of all taxes, the start-up founder and his family can extend the visa and residence permit in Hungary, and receive permanent residence after 5 years in the country. Thanks to the online start-up registration and electronic administration service, the procedure for opening an enterprise in Hungary is simplified.

According to the Citizenship Act, dual citizenship is recognized in Hungary. After 8 years of permanent residence in Hungary and with evidence of the profitability of his start-up, the entrepreneur has the right to obtain Hungarian citizenship by naturalization.

Obviously, an entrepreneur’s visa in Hungary can speed up the process of business immigration for progressive entrepreneurs. Innovative and advanced start-up companies replenish Hungary’s investment piggy bank without unnecessary bureaucratic red tape. At the same time, owners and their families receive a residence permit with subsequent permanent residence and the second citizenship.

Like Canada, Hungary helps such start-up founders with financing from venture capital funds and accelerators. These organizations assist with consulting and are the link between a business immigrant and European investors. At the same time, when applying for a start-up visa in Canada, the applicant receives permanent residence, and then Canadian citizenship.

If you are interested in implementing new ideas in the EU, carefully study business immigration to Hungary. Entrepreneur visa is a real option for you and your family!