Ireland is a country of great opportunities. This is a European country that has a reputation as an EU Silicon Valley. The most progressive global companies strive to open their business in Ireland. Therefore, the country is so attractive for business immigration, founding start-ups and implementing ideas.

Ireland has become a development base for companies such as Google, Facebook, Intel, PayPal. In 2014, Enterprise Ireland supported approximately 450 start-up companies with innovative business ideas. This also applies to international start-ups that have decided to establish their business in Ireland. Therefore, investment immigration in Ireland is quite common.

There is an International Competitive Start Fund. For a start-up to be able to successfully participate in it, it must meet certain criteria. The applicant must find a co-investor or invest 5 thousand euros himself. Start-up turnover should not exceed 60 thousand euros, and the project cannot be older than 6 years. Entrepreneurs who become participants in the program receive the necessary 50 thousand euros for 10% of the company, visa and information support.

Since 2012, the Start-up Enterpreneur Program or STEP has been operating in Ireland. According to one start-up application, the entrepreneur’s family can immigrate to Ireland. A nice feature is that the language of business is English.

A start-up visa to Ireland is an option to launch your project in one of the leading European countries with subsequent business immigration. Interestingly, with a start-up visa, an active entrepreneur with a developed idea can get a residence permit for 2 years. Irish law is very loyal to start-up immigrants.

The government offers one of the lowest tax rates in Europe. In addition, the country has a system of business incubators that help develop start-ups. There are also Irish venture funds that help with financing for starting and getting a start-up visa. Thus, assistance exists at the legislative and migration level.

Winners of the Start-up contests in Ireland receive support at all levels of the development of the project, and even when moving. It is necessary to prove the novelty of the project, its usefulness for the economy of Ireland and scalability. This support allows the business immigrant to have all the conditions for the implementation of the project.

What do you need to get a start-up visa to Ireland?
  • Present a convincing business plan with an innovative idea that is useful for the country’s economy;
  • Provide evidence of the availability of funds or investments in the amount of 50 thousand euros;
  • Establish a company in Ireland or immigrate there with your business;
  • Indicate the effectiveness of a start-up in a business plan (generation from 1 million euros for 3-4 years);
  • Create at least 10 jobs.

To enlist the support of start-up accelerators, entrepreneurs must prove the prospects of the business and provide decent working conditions for employees. Note that although the competition for business investment in Ireland is high, each entrepreneur has a real chance of success. A start-up just has to be innovative, useful and scalable.

A start-up visa to Ireland entitles an investment immigrant to obtain a residence permit for 2 years. A residence permit can be extended for another 3 years when proving the success of a start-up. It should also indicate the absence of tax debts and problems with the law.

After 5 years of living in Ireland, a business immigrant can get permanent residence. And after another 3 years, an entrepreneur can apply for Irish citizenship. This also applies to members of the start-up family.

Thus, Ireland is one of the most popular countries among business immigrants. The state has a developed start-up system and offers very attractive conditions for doing business. As in Canada, together with a start-up visa, the applicant receives a residence permit in a European country and state support. There is also the opportunity to receive large investments, confirming the novelty of your project.

If you want to create a brand new product and enter the world market with it, business immigration with a start-up visa to Ireland is a great opportunity for this.