Poland is a vivid example of how the state of the post-Soviet space modernized its economy and became a significant player on the world stage. Today, Poland, as a member of the EU, opens the door to active and enterprising people. Poland invites those who are ready to move the country to progress, embodying their achievements. To do this, the government issues start-up visas to Poland, which provide a residence permit and support for business in the country.

Poland has earned the proper level of investment trust for the successful development of business immigration. A considerable number of immigrants from third world countries have chosen Poland as an ideal springboard for their start-up companies. Over the past few years, the country ranks second in terms of investment attractiveness in Europe. Therefore, Poland is a smart choice for business immigrants to start their own start-up here.

In 2018, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology of Poland called on entrepreneurs from the CIS to immigrate with their start-ups to Poland and open enterprises there. The state is ready to provide financial support at the initial stage, using the so-called “smart-money” for the development of start-up companies.

With a start-up visa to Poland, you can realize your innovative ideas in a European country on favorable terms. For example, you will have a tax exemption or partial taxation. Together with the visa, start-upers and members of their families receive a residence permit according to a simplified procedure. Moreover, for the foundation of their own start-up, it is not necessary to even invest personal capital. For this, there are accelerates and venture funds in Poland.

Investors help young start-ups get started at the initial stage, and they help entrepreneurs correctly present their idea. Providing investment and advice, accelerators give impetus to start-ups to the development of their business. To do this, business immigrants only need to prove their financial and social trustworthiness with relevant documents.

Thanks to the support of young entrepreneurs, Poland is developing its own start-up ecosystem, providing the population with new jobs. The government creates preferential conditions and attracts investment immigrants to move to Poland and implement their innovative ideas.

Conditions for obtaining a start-up visa in Poland:
  • submit an application and competently substantiate it;
  • to be a member of the board of a new start-up company;
  • provide a presentable business plan with evidence of an innovative idea;
  • certificate of the presence of a minimum capital of 1200 euros on the account;
  • creation of new jobs;
  • access to a pool of investors and funds;
  • company registration in the Polish court registry and tax administration.

Together with a start-up visa, the entrepreneur receives a residence permit in Poland upon arrival in the country. A residence permit for a businessman is extended annually. Family members of a business immigrant also receive permission. When proving the success of a start-up company and progress, after 5 years, an entrepreneur can get an EU resident card and get permanent residence in Poland.

To apply for permanent residence in Poland, you must provide the following documents:
  • Application for permanent residence in Poland;
  • Confirmation of registration;
  • Confirmation of a 5-year stay in Poland;
  • Knowledge of the Polish language at an intermediate level;
  • Confirmation of the success of the start-up, an extract from the bank with a sufficient balance of funds.

Thus, we see that Poland is rapidly moving to a new level in the business of immigration. The state is trying to attract as many progressive start-up companies as possible to replenish its own start-up ecosystem. At the same time, Poland provides fairly loyal conditions for running a start-up business.

As in Canada, upon obtaining a start-up visa, the applicant receives permanent residence, and then Canadian citizenship. In both countries, when applying for a start-up visa, there is no need to invest personal capital. It is enough to attract state or investor co-financing for your start-up.

The start-up visa is a real option for those who are interested in implementing their own ideas and business immigration to Poland.