Slovakia is a country of open opportunities for innovative start-ups and reliable business investments. This European state provides an excellent base for conducting international business, making investments and introducing your company into the European market. Today, Slovakia is a simple and inexpensive option for business immigration to the European Union.

More and more foreign start-ups are considering Slovakia as the most rosy option for developing and patenting their own ideas, as well as for their implementation. Only last year, the share of foreign investment in Slovakia exceeded 21% of the total GDP of the state. This indicates a favorable investment climate conducive to active immigration to Slovakia.

The program of business immigration to Slovakia makes it possible to establish a start-up in a European country quickly and without much effort, and get a residence permit in Slovakia right away. This program aims to enable innovative-minded entrepreneurs from third world countries that are not members of the EU to realize their start-up without unnecessary delay.

Moreover, the government introduces “tax holidays” for start-up companies and those whose turnover is less than 200 thousand euros. A major acceleration program The Spot provides an opportunity to get start-up grants from 30 thousand to 250 thousand euros.

Over the three years of the start-up’s existence, the business must show stability, competitiveness and certain independence from the Slovak business incubator. It is also a kind of link between a foreign investor in Slovakia and an innovative start-up.

The start-up ecosystem in Slovakia is constantly updated with new projects and is developing thanks to immigrants with ingenious ideas. By 2018, the Slovak government has allocated more than 18 million euros to support the start-up industry in the country.

A simplified procedure for obtaining a start-up visa to Slovakia is also provided for family members of active entrepreneurs. The document is issued for up to three years, which makes the start-up founder a resident of the Republic of Slovakia with a residence permit and the possibility of renewal for up to five years.

State legislation provides support and loyalty to successful and useful start-ups for the country. Especially if the business creates new jobs.

To implement your start-up in Slovakia you need:
  • Make an application for a start-up visa;
  • Draw up a compelling business plan;
  • Register a company with a minimum capital (5 thousand euros);
  • Pay extra costs during registration;
  • Take an interview at the embassy.

Thanks to the Slovak start-up visa, the entrepreneur and his family receive resident status, which makes it possible to acquire real estate in Slovakia. And the latter, in turn, makes it possible to obtain permanent residence and citizenship of Slovakia. Thus, thanks to a start-up visa, business immigrants transport their families and stay to live and work in a developed European country.

To obtain permanent residence and citizenship of Slovakia, you must:
  • be of legal age;
  • live and develop your start-up for 5 years, for citizenship – 10 years;
  • show real results and income from your competitive enterprise;
  • not have a criminal record.

Thus, as in Canada, upon obtaining a start-up visa in Slovakia, an entrepreneur can open his own business in this country. He can also transport his family by obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia using a simplified system. In both countries, a visa can be extended, after which an entrepreneur can obtain permanent residence and even citizenship of Canada or Slovakia. Unlike Slovakia, in Canada it is enough to attract state or investor co-financing for a start-up in order to get a start-up visa.

Slovakia was able to demonstrate itself as a confident and independent player in the international arena. Now the government of the country provides sufficient conditions for the implementation of its start-up projects and business immigration. If you want to work in a country with a high standard of living and affordable prices, try participating in the start-up visa program in Slovakia. Perhaps this is exactly what you and your family need!