Do you want to learn as much as possible about business immigration in Canada? This article will help you understand many operative details. Enjoy reading!

So, you are thinking about different options for immigration. You’re choosing a country that hospitably welcomes foreigners. With a good standard of living, the ability to quickly adapt and successfully earn money.

Naturally, Canada attracted your attention as one of the most desirable countries for business immigration in the world.

It is here that visionary businessmen, self-employed specialists, investors, and other admirers of a comfortable, secure life at a high level strive for. The country’s culture, the level of education of citizens, and the general positive atmosphere are exactly what the Canadian residents especially note.

Immigration for entrepreneurs is possible in four main areas:

  • provincial immigration programs
  • startup
  • investment immigration
  • programs for highly qualified self-employed specialists

Any of these ways can provide you with Canadian citizenship for the whole family. Let’s look at each of them individually.


Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are distinct from each other. They are created as relatively autonomous directions in which each province complements the federal immigration strategy at the local level. The flows of federal and provincial initiatives differ, as does the content of the programs themselves. Each province forms its own special policy based on local specifics: manufacturing landscape, sociocultural aspects, historical traditions, and more. It must be recognised that the state administration is trying to provide citizens with as many freedoms as possible. And for this, the provinces are given essential independence. Almost all issues can be easily resolved locally. This, in turn, contributes to the realization of the freedoms of the people.

Perhaps you have already decided on the province? Do you see a prospect for earning in a certain place or your wife likes the architecture of a particular city? Did your children firmly decide on a university?

Our experts constantly monitor all the innovations in the immigration policy of Canada. We will help you to thoroughly understand the nuances required by a particular province. Be extremely careful! After all, not only whether you can get a visa, but also further socialization depends on your choice of place of residence.

As you know, the country consists of 10 federal provinces and 3 territories. Here are business immigration plans of various provinces and territories, located as their area decreases:

  • Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP)
  • Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)
  • British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)
  • Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)
  • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)
  • Yukon Nominee Program (YNP)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program (NLPNP)
  • New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)
  • Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)
  • Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)

It should be borne in mind that there are about 80 different immigration schemes in all provinces. So, in each province there exist from 3 to tens of schemes. They can be accessed in the following categories:

  • skilled workers (especially those with skills from the list of provincial professions in demand (occupations in demand))
  • semi-skilled workers
  • students
  • entrepreneurs with connections in the province (relatives, experience or education)

The application can be submitted both in paper form and through the federal digital selection system Express Entry, which will help speed up the process. For each of the PNPs, you may need a job offer.

After the nomination, you will be evaluated on a complex federal point system.

The chances of obtaining permanent residence in Canada increase significantly if you apply for a nomination using the Express Entry service. In this case, you will receive an extra 600 points, and this practically guarantees an invitation to apply (ITA).

By the way, the PNPs associated with Express entry allow you to perform two types of actions:

  • Creating a profile in the provincial system and applying. If you receive an invitation, you can ask the provincial immigration authorities to start checking your documents.
  • Otherwise, you can be selected as one of the eligible candidates from all who applied.


Canada is one of the world’s leading startup attraction countries. A start-up visa is a fairly common way to get a residence permit in Canada, and also to stay on permanent residence in Canada.

Low taxes. First of all, entrepreneurs are engaged here due to tax incentives. If you decide to open a business in Canada, you will get guaranteed tax breaks.

Technological know-how, research and inventions are most promoted. Here you can get the world’s largest tax credit for Hitech development. Companies registered in Canada receive around 50% of the profits from investments in technological development in the region. The state may pay you and your family members food and accommodation, education, and also medical expenses. Interestingly, the country can even finance the services of plastic surgeons.

Investment. Innovations, especially in the areas of IT and telecom, are qualitatively analyzed by a huge number of active investors and business incubators. Local venture and angel investors are professional, successful and have vast experience in attracting startups. Interestingly, many of them are authorized government bodies. Their task is the selection and further promotion of startups on an immigration program called “Startup visa” (Startup visa).

Four stages of obtaining the status of a permanent resident of Canada under the Startup Visa to Canada program:

  1. Passing IELTS tests in English. You must score from 6 points out of 9.
  2. Written Confirmation of Support from your funding organization
  3. Registration of a company in Canada, readiness to do business in Canada
  4. All foreign founders of companies whose ownership share is more than 10% (and also their close family members) must get a start-up visa.

Close connection with the state. It is noteworthy that in Canada, the state itself is actively giving contracts to private companies. Startups are a priority. Canadians themselves are proud that the state is one of the most trustworthy and welcome customers for their business.



If we talk about investment, the first thing to mention is the Quebec Investors Program. You have the right to participate if your fortune exceeds $2 million. At the same time, you should be prepared to invest at least $1.2 million in financial institutions approved by the Government of Quebec.

The investment period is five years. Investing is done through the organization under the name Investissement Québec – Immigrants Investisseurs Inc. At the end of the term, you will receive the invested amount (without accruing interest in your favour).

In fact, you yourself give the Canadian government an interest-free investment. In such a situation, the state does not ask you to know local languages or engage in socially important activities. And yet, if your level of French is not lower than Advanced intermediate, then your application will be considered a priority.

The only urgent request is your stay in Quebec. However, our specialists often observe neglect of this rule by immigrants. And at the same time, we notice the lack of punishment for disobedience from the government.

However, you still have to fulfil some requirements. For example, you should have experience in project management of a really existing company (at least two years in the last 5 years). You must also sign an agreement with a financial intermediary (investment agreement), which is authorized to participate (immigrant investor). You will also need to successfully pass the test of knowledge of democratic values. The document to be studied is called the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. You will also be judged by age, education, and some other factors.

You will not need to open a business in Canada under this program.

By the way, the Canadian Department of Immigration has notified that applying for immigration will be available with the next wave, which begins April 1, 2021.

We’re sharing with you some information from insiders. The well-known Federal Immigrant Investor Program (which is currently suspended) may be resumed soon. This measure is the state’s response to economic challenges caused by the coronavirus quarantine.



Self-employed Persons Program is a federal immigration plan for self-employed people.

Prominent cultural and sports figures have an opportunity for immigration to Canada. A prerequisite is that one must contribute to the cultural life of the country.

The list of professions suitable for participation: directors, actors, designers, musicians, singers, artists, architects, and other creators, as well as athletes and trainers (representing any kind of sport).

The scheme operates throughout Canada except for Quebec (it has its own immigration program for self-employed people).

The Self-employed Persons Program is designed for people of almost any age with any education, knowledge of languages or the amount on the account.

When evaluating you will need to score 30 points out of 100 possible. Under the plan, you will have enough education received at school. Your work experience for yourself in the speciality should be at least 2 years (over the past 5 years). Moreover, your experience should include participation in cultural or sporting events of a world level. Also, a huge plus will be contracts in the field of culture or sports. You must have an impressive portfolio: it will describe your high scores.

The maximum number of points for age can be obtained if you are not yet 49 years old. Knowing English will also help you to score points.

Money: you do not need impressive capital to complete. Nevertheless, you must provide evidence of the availability of certain funds in the account. They should be enough to live in the country in the first months of your adaptation.

Moving to Canada Assistance

Despite the fairly clear rules for immigration to Canada, the rules themselves are indeed multiple.

Contact our specialists for help in emigration! We can professionally and at the highest level help you open a business in Canada. Our company is guaranteed to choose the scheme that is most relevant for the resources that you and your family really have. Do not rely on luck in such a complex and delicate process as immigration. Trust reliable professionals with strong reputation! Canadian citizenship is achievable, and we are ready to provide you with the key to open this treasured door to the future.

And the last but not the least. Beware of fraud! What kinds of fraud should newcomers to Canada watch out for? The main obstacles one should definitely avoid are: document fraud, cracking down on immigration fraud, communicative spams etc. In case if you get a suspicious immigrant call (for example from people who name themselves representatives of the government), please immediately contact our managers. Please, do not get involved in communication alone. Leave the situation to specialists who have a vast experience in fighting fraud. We have all necessary tools to rapidly distinguish bad intentions regarding business immigration to Canada.

This is the basic rule everyone should follow. Please, be safe!

We wish you success in immigaration! Reach us for any questions!

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