How to get an entrepreneur visa and open a business in Canada

Immigration for entrepreneurs as part of business immigration to Canada is developing more actively every year. To be eligible to participate in the Entrepreneur Visa program, an applicant must have an amount of at least 300,000 US dollars. In addition, he must want and be able to create, invest or buy a business in Canada. A business that will create new jobs in Canada and will have a beneficial effect on the country’s economy.

To pass the Entrepreneur Visa program and open a business in Canada you need:
  • Have a minimum of 2 years of business experience for five years prior to the application. This should be in a legitimate and profitable business, which the businessman manages alone or with a partner and controls at least 25% of the capital.
  • Have business experience. This means the actual and complete fulfillment of duties related to the planning, management and control of material, financial and human resources.
  • Control at least 25% of the capital.
  • Submit all documents necessary for applying for a business visa.
The assessment of an Entrepreneur Visa application will also take into account other factors:
  • Applicant’s age and age of his spouse;
  • The nature and duration of the applicant’s training;
  • Applicant’s language skills.

If you are applying for an entrepreneurial business immigration program, you and your family can obtain immigrant visas for permanent residence in Canada in accordance with the Federal Program. This works for applicants who plan to live anywhere in Canada, with the exception of Quebec. The Entrepreneur Visa program requires you to open a company in Canada with a capital share of not less than 33.33% and actively manage the project. Your business must also create at least one new job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Our experts will help you choose the most suitable business visa options to open a business in Canada. If you want to invest or buy a business in Canada, our consultants will help to submit all visa documents correctly and on time. Contact us today to begin your business immigration process and obtain Canadian citizenship.

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