How to Get a Self-Employed Visa and Open a Business in Canada

You may be eligible to apply for a self-employment program and get a Self-employed Visa or Freelance Visa in Canada.

The Canada Business Migration Program for Self-Employed is designed for those with relevant experience in cultural activities, athletics, or farming. Under this immigration program to Canada, candidates should also have the intention and ability to run a business that will create jobs, at least for themselves.

Applicants must also make a significant contribution to cultural events or sports in order to obtain a business visa in Canada. Self-employed people can also open their own business in Canada (for example, a farm) and manage it individually.

Requirements for obtaining a Self-employed Visa and permanent residence in Canada:
  • At least 2 years of self-employment experience in cultural events or athletics. Prove participation in cultural events or athletics on a global level. Demonstrate Farm Management Experience
  • Enough funds to support family upon arrival
  • Desire and a real opportunity to create a business that will generate self-employment
  • Significant contribution to Canada’s Cultural or Sports Life
  • Buy and manage a farm in Canada
  • Enough points to match the selection factors.
Selection factors include points awarded for:
  • education
  • knowledge of Canadian official languages ​​(English and French)
  • work experience
  • age
  • adaptability factors (ability to retrain).

Knowledge of a language for obtaining permanent residence in Canada by Self-employed Visa

Applicants must have sufficient knowledge of English, French, or both. To prove this, applicants must provide test results:
  • Canadian English Proficiency Test Program (CELPIP)
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • French Language Assessment Test (TEF)
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