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Do you want to know how to move to Canada for permanent residence by Start-up Visa? Canada Start-Up Visa is the first affordable opportunity for start-up owners to obtain permanent residence in Canada without investing in just 6 months. A start-up is an innovative company or project initiated by an entrepreneur to search, efficiently develop and test a scalable business model. If you are an active and innovative-minded entrepreneur, the Start-Up Visa Program is created for you. It gives permission to move to Canada for permanent residence. If you decide to move to Canada with your start-up, you create new jobs and stimulate the country’s economic growth. Therefore, the Canadian government is ready to provide start-ups with the necessary support to open businesses in Canada. Unlike other Canadian immigration programs, the Start-Up Visa Program does not impose additional requirements for an immigrant visa. Participants of the Start-Up Visa Program, who will be selected and will be included in the quota, will receive investments for their start-up project and will be able to promote innovative ideas in the global market. The number of places in the quota for the development of start-ups is strictly limited. We are ready to help you complete the Start-up Visa Program and open a start-up in Canada. A successful start-up will reach a whole new level by competing in the global market.

Recommendations for participants of the Start-Up Visa business immigration program:

• IT start-ups and innovative business in any field; • Strong patented technology or business model for a start-up project; • Strong personal and professional characteristics of a start-up; • A desire to develop business in Canada and a clear understanding of how to do this. To participate in the Start-Up Visa Program and open a company in Canada, you do not have to invest your capital. You can take advantage of business investments and support from a venture fund, incubators and accelerators. By applying for a Start-Up Visa through an accelerator, you will work under the strict guidance and mentorship of the accelerator for at least one year. You can also buy a business in Canada, but this means more risks.

Start-up Investments in Canada

Currently, there are 32 venture capital funds in Canada, six angel investor groups and 14 business incubators that have been officially approved to participate in the Start-Up Visa Program. They are represented by relevant industry associations: Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA), National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) and Canadian Acceleration and Business Incubation Association (CABI). These associations recommend innovative start-ups and help conduct peer reviews. The SUV business visa facilitated access for entrepreneurs to innovators in Canada. Thanks to Start-Up Visa, business immigrants successfully fulfill their business obligations and develop innovative ideas.

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