How to Attract Start-up Investments and Get a Start-up Visa in Canada

Do I need to invest my own money to apply for participation in the Start-Up Visa Program? Unlike traditional investment and business immigration programs in Canada, under the Start-Up Visa Program in Canada you do not need to invest any money from personal assets. Minimum investment in a start-up project on a Start-up Visa comes from a Canadian investment fund, accelerators or a group of investors. Investors are selected from among those approved by the Government of Canada as participants in this business immigration program. Attracting investment in start-ups. If the venture fund provides investment in start-ups, a minimum investment of $ 200,000 is required. For angel investors groups, the minimum investment in a start-up in Canada is $ 75,000. There is no minimum investment for business incubators, but an entrepreneur must be accepted into the business incubation program.

What is the difference between business investment and authorized investment organizations?

The main difference between a group of angel investors and a venture capital fund is that angel investors usually put their own money in a start-up, and venture funds are limited partnerships that have a joint investment fund with which they invest in a number of companies. Investor groups invest in companies that are at an earlier stage of development compared to venture funds.

How to get investment from a business incubator for a start-up in Canada?

In order to get support from a start-up incubator and apply for a business visa, you must be included in an authorized Canadian business incubator program. Incubator programs vary in terms of their criteria, proposals and duration of the agreement. Providing access to such programs is a competitive process with a limited number of places. Investors prefer reliable investment projects. A candidate for a business immigration and a start-up in Canada can find several investors for a start-up. Investment support can be obtained from several authorized venture funds, start-up accelerators, or business angel groups. This process is called syndication. For this, it is necessary to identify all investment organizations that are involved in investing in a start-up. Contact authorized organizations in Canada to learn how to enlist their support for a business visa.

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