Recommended start-up projects for a business visa to Canada

The innovative landscape and business in Canada has received many new impulses for development over the past few years. Business immigration has become a key component of Canada’s immigration system and has attracted investment in start-ups. To develop new projects, an immigration program to Canada, Start-Up Visa, was opened.

What start-up projects are under the Start-Up Visa Program?

First of all, these are innovative projects that coincide with the strategic objective of Canada. The government encourages start-ups which create or significantly improve products and services.

What are the key requirements for a start-up in Canada to participate in the Start-Up Visa Program:

• Innovative technologies in any field • A strong proprietary technology or business model • Strong personal and professional characteristics of the start-up founder • A desire to develop business in Canada and a clear understanding of how to do this The prospects of your business proposal and start-up development model will be evaluated by an authorized Canadian organization you have reached an agreement with and you received a letter of support from. In other words, this is a company to attract investment in a start-up. It can be a business accelerator, a business incubator or an investment fund. After you reach an agreement with an authorized investor for a start-up in Canada, this organization will issue you a letter of support. This letter and package of documents can be applied to obtain a business visa in Canada. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada reviews all business immigration applications and conducts an independent peer review process by a commission created by an IRCC partner for the industry. C.I.S. Specialists will provide a full range of services during the process of obtaining Start-up Visa in Canada. Our experts will evaluate its compliance with the Start-Up Visa Program criteria and conduct a candidate before obtaining permanent residence in Canada. Promote 2019 start-ups in Canada!

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