Conditions for obtaining a Start-up Visa and registering a business in Canada

To obtain a business visa to Canada, it is necessary to fulfill the selection criteria for Start-Up Visa Program participants:

1. A letter of support. Before applying for Start-Up Visa Program, business immigrants must receive a support letter from an authorized Canadian business incubator, angel investor group, or venture fund to support their concept. Canada needs reliable investment projects.

2. Attracting investment in start-ups. In the case of an investment by a venture fund, a minimum start-up investment of $ 200,000 is required. For groups of angel investors and accelerators, minimal investment is $ 75,000. There is no minimum amount of investment for business incubators, but an entrepreneur must be accepted into the business incubation program.

3. Other requirements. Applicants must demonstrate knowledge of English or French at the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) / Niveau de compétence linguistique canadien (NCLC) 5, own a certain share of the property in their business and show that they have enough money to support themselves before earning income In Canada.

If these requirements are met, your business immigration application for permanent residence in Canada will be considered based on IRCC’s standard eligibility criteria, including health, crime, and safety. An independent peer review may be requested for you to ensure that the Canadian organization from which you received a letter of support has conducted a due diligence of your company.

We provide strategic consulting at an early stage of a start-up project. We will help you with a preliminary assessment of your start-up in Canada and planning for its successful passing through the immigration program in Canada. We will also tell you how to attract investment in a start-up and get a Start-up Visa.

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