The Process of Getting Start-up Visas for Permanent Residency in Canada

What does a start-up need to apply for a Start-up Visa and open a business in Canada? Learn the 5 prerequisites for successfully participating in the Start-Up Visa Program:
  1. Get a Letter of Support from one of the financial institutions: a venture fund, an angel investor, or a business incubator
  2. Meet the requirements for owning a specific interest in a business in Canada.
  3. Pass a qualification test with a score of at least 5 points in all four categories of the Canadian language test (English or French)
  4. Have the amount of money necessary to ensure life before having income from business in Canada
  5. Meet the standard criteria of Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship, taking into account health, lack of criminal history, security.


How to get Canadian citizenship under the Start-Up Visa Program
  1. Initial examination of your project for compliance with the criteria of the Canadian Start-Up Visa Program.
  2. Selection and submission of an application to an authorized investment organization, taking into account the specifics of the business.
  3. Settlement of relations with an investment institution. Fulfillment of its terms and conditions to open a company in Canada
  4. Receive a support letter from an authorized financial institution.
  5. Preparation of documents for the Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada to obtain permanent resident status. Payment of registration fees.
  6. Applying for permanent residence in Canada. Examination of it by the Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada. Obtaining entry documents.


The list of services for business immigration on Start-up Visa:
  • Get permanent resident (PR) status
  • Apply for a PR / work permit
  • Check English, medical data, and criminal records
  • Get an incubator support letter
  • Get an incubator certificate
  • Take a complete training course from the incubator
  • Take a 2-week training in Toronto / Moscow
  • Receive an invitation to the incubator (6 times a year)
  • Online incubator interview
  • Take a training
  • Apply to the incubator


Additional services for business immigration and obtaining a business visa to Canada:
  • Development of a business plan for business in Canada
  • Branding and design of a start-up project
  • Website and promotional materials for start-ups
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